Summary: In this paper attempt has been made: (i) to analyse the opinion poll of Tharis about livilihood and its diversifaction, (ii) to identify the livlihood available resources and attitute of Tharis to these resources. Poll question’s answers are analysed accordingly to draw conclusion from this analysis. Study reveals that Tharis have interest in agriclture especially livestock being their main source of livelihood and crops are failed due to shortage of rain fall. Sheep and Goats are the main growing livestock of Thar and Tharis love to rear these cashable livestocks with intrest because it is easily saleable. Thus it is the sustainable source of income for them. In Thar District the agriculture can be linked to rain falls only. Attitude of Tharis indicates that some of them are ready to divert from conventional agricultural work to other income generating businesses. Therefore, there is a need to create awareness about new opportunities within their district.
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