About EconBiz

What is EconBiz?

EconBiz is a search portal for economics, the portal was started in 2002 as the Virtual Library for Economics and Business Studies. EconBiz was initially funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is developed continually by the German National Library of Economics (ZBW) with the support of the EconBiz Advisory Board and cooperation partners.


The portal aims to support research in and teaching of economics with a central entry point for all kinds of subject-specific information and direct access to full texts.


EconBiz offers:

  • a search engine including important German and international databases for economics and business studies
  • access to full texts on the Internet,
  • a calendar of events in economics and business studies,
  • the reference service EconDesk which supports you in your search for information in economics and business studies.

    The EconBiz newsletter keep you up-to-date.


    You can find more information in the introduction to EconBiz in the download area. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    EconBiz Team

    Good Reasons for EconBiz: EconBiz vs. Google Scholar


    In the paper What Google Scholar can(’t) do: Comparison oft he scholarly search in EconBiz and Google Scholar you can find some good reasons for using more than just Google Scholar for your scholarly literature search.


    The topics discussed:

    • The search interface of Google Scholar provides only few options to control your topical search.
    • Google Scholar includes huge quantities of full-texts and references of all subject areas. The result lists of subject specific databases might be more precise.
    • With its ranking, Google Scholar influences what search results you get to see. The sorting is not transparent and you cannot change it.
    • Google Scholar is led by commercial interests. It is important that publicly funded search tools provide alternatives in the access to information.
    • Google doesn’t always respect privacy and copyright laws.


    EconBiz was set up as a joint project of the German National Library of Economics (ZBW) and the University and City Library of Cologne (USB Köln). During the start-up phase the project was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG).




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