EconBiz Partner Network

About the Network

The partner network promotes the transfer of knowledge and cooperation among members.

Its mission is to enable top research in economics and business studies through easy access to quality subject information in combination with state-of-the art search-features.

Our vision is to develop the leading portal for subject information in economics and business studies.

The network helps to promote the service on an international level and to enhance the visibility of research output and conferences in all partner countries.

It also provides a forum for the discussion of topics relevant to the partners. Answers to questions as well as partners for joint projects can be found through the network.


Would you like to become an EconBiz partner? Please contact Tamara Pianos at


Partner Countries

The partners are either institutes or university faculties focusing on business or economic studies or related subjects or university or other institutional libraries with a focus in these subject areas.


A current list of partner countries can be found here.



Annual Student Competition

An annual student competition is organized by the ZBW. EconBiz Partners can invite their students to participate in the competition. In addition, special student events will be organized by the ZBW on a non-regular basis.


Partner Meeting and participation in events

Partners get an invitation to the EconBiz Partner Meeting. This meeting is held to inform partners about new features and developments in EconBiz and to get the partners’ feedback on desired new features. It also provides an excellent opportunity for networking with international colleagues.


The partner meetings will be organized in a way that other events of interest such as the Global Economic Symposium (GES) can be attended as well.



Article on the partner network in "Internatinal Leads" 30(2016)1, pp. 6-7 (pdf)

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