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Der Arbeitstitel der Veranstaltung lautet: Menschen-Daten-Wirtschaftsethik und wird sich mit den ethischen Fragen der Digitalisierung auf Menschen, Unternehmen und Gesellschaft befassen.
The International Economic Association (IEA) is the association of the economic associations from around the world, and is the unique international organization that brings together economists from developed and developing countries across a broad range of fields. The Congress will feature...
The Society for Economics Dynamics is a scientific society with the purpose of encouraging and supporting economic research.
The EEFS has a broad focus covering many areas in economics and finance. Papers are solicited in all areas, including: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy; Financial Markets and Institutions; International Monetary Economics; International Finance; Growth and Development; European/World...
Scholars, researchers, and graduate students, are invited to present their research in all areas of economics and finance. Papers may address growth and development issues in Armenia and the South-Caucasus, the ramifications of global and regional economic shocks, integration with the Eurasian...
This conference is being held in conjunction with the WEAI 2017 Annual Meeting.
The Korea-America Economic Association (KAEA) plans to organize two sessions at the WEAI conference. Theoretical and empirical papers on all aspects of economics are welcome.
Although papers on all areas of economics are welcome (including teaching of economics), there will be one Special Sessions with Invited Speakers on the topic of “Economic Policies Since the Global Financial Crisis”.
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