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Preliminary program: Session I - A Note on Optimal Inference in the Linear IV Model - Inference with Many Instruments and Heterogeneous Treatment Effects - Discretizing Unobserved Heterogeneity Session II - Inference on High-Dimensional Treatment and Structural Effects Using Machine Learning -...
We cordially invite Ph.D. students in any field of economics to present their research at the Thirteenth CIREQ Ph.D. Students' Conference.
Economists specializing in empirical economic research on issues relating to international trade and investment will present their latest research at this meeting.
The CAAA welcomes original papers for the 2017 Annual Conference on all areas of research including financial and management accounting, financial reporting and communication, assurance, tax, accounting history, and public sector accounting. We encourage papers with a historical perspective.
Conference theme tracks: Track A: Entrepreneurship and Strategy; Track B: Knowledge and Innovation; Track C: Global Strategy; Track D: Behavioral Strategy
All Research Work in the Field of Microfinance and Sustainable Development and Related Areas are welcomed. Keywords: Microfinance, Economic Development, Sustainable Development, Environmental Economics, Agribusiness, Social Economy, Political Economy, Cultural Economy, Governance, Finance,...
This international gathering of researchers and practitioners is an opportunity to highlight the latest application of MCDM tools to sustainable-management challenges and to explore optimal decision-making around social, environmental, health, safety, and performance objectives.
The annual meeting of the Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA) brings together policy-relevant research on topics of interest to central banks and international financial institutions.
Areas: Behavioural Operational Research; Constraint Programming; Continuous Optimization; Control Theory, System Dynamics; Data Science, Analytics; DEA, Performance Measurement; Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems; Discrete Optimization, Mixed Integer Programming; Applications of OR;...
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