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The French Econometrics conference is an annual conference in theoretical and applied econometrics organized by various French universities and research centers. All areas of econometrics (micro, macro, theory and finance) are covered.
The three main features of the event Meetings are: - Scientific work of the best quality - PhD students on the job market - Close interaction between junior and senior researchers The Program Committee invites submissions of papers, which can be either complete or work in progress.
The workshop provides a platform to discuss new developments in the field of empirical and applied macroeconomic modelling and aims at bringing together academic researchers and practitioners. We invite applied and theoretical papers dealing with time series, business cycles, mixed frequency...
Focus: Pensions, Insurance, Regulation, Model Risk, CVA, Risk Measurement, Commodities, Emissions Trading and other areas of Quantitative Finance.
The program committee invites contributions in the form of individual papers and entire sessions (three to five paper sessions). Papers can be on any applied or theoretical topic within economics.
This conference aims at bringing together researchers in econometrics and quantitative analysis in economics for an opportunity to present and discuss theoretical and applied research problems as well as to foster research collaborations. The theme of the TES2018 is “Predictive Econometrics...
The workshop focuses on methodological advances and innovative applications of state-of-the-art econometric methods for panel data. With the increasing availability of longitudinal datasets, such methods are becoming standard and essential tools in applied research. Nonetheless, panel data...
The Econometric Society is an international society for the advancement of economic theory in its relation to statistics and mathematics.
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