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Conference Program: Session A: Changes in the Situation on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asian Cooperation; Session B: The Free Movement of People, Goods, and Services.
Economists specializing in empirical economic research on issues relating to international trade and investment from North America, Europe, and Asia will present their latest research at this meeting.
WEAI is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to encouraging and communicating economic research and analysis. The Association's principal activities include publishing two refereed quarterly journals -- Economic Inquiry and Contemporary Economic Policy -- and staging scholarly...
JSHET Annual Conference is one of the largest conferences on the history of economic thought in the world.
Papers to be presented in the conference can be in any economic fields, with empirical studies or theoretical analysis, and with or without direct relevance to the Asia-Pacific economies.
Created in cooperation with RFE-Resources for Economists of the American Economic Association (AEA)