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The theme, “Strengthening Cooperation in a Fractured World”, will make a case for renewed commitment to international collaboration as a way of solving critical global challenges.
The Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (CAES) is an association comprised of individuals with a professional interest in topics related to the economics of agriculture, food, natural resources, and the environment. The agricultural sector is facing a number of hot button issues including...
The conference aims to bring together economic theorists, applied economists, and financial historians working on the real effects of financial crises. It will provide a forum for a discussion of recent research. The organizing committee invites submissions of high-quality theoretical or...
The EWFC is an annual conference that was started in 2006. It is a small, informal conference that brings together researchers from Europe, the USA and elsewhere and offers excellent opportunities for in-depth discussion of a small number of papers.
Areas would be considered for presentation include all areas of Economics, Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Ethical Business, Leadership, etc.
The Fourth Annual Conference of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness will be held in a parallel symposium with the 7th Annual Conference of Economic Forum of Entrepreneurship & International Business in Hughes Hall, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK on February 2nd, 2018.
The theme of the 2018 conference will be “Challenges to International Business Practice, Theory and Research in an Anti-globalisation Era” reflecting the unexpected recent political challenges to globalisation and international business generally.
All papers related with Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Hospitality are welcome.
Participation in this conference is open to all SUERF Members: Personal Members and all employees from SUERF Member Institutions (Central Banks, Corporate and Academic Institutions). For Non-Members participation to the event is upon invitation only.
It is the objective of this Forum to provide an interdisciplinary and creative discussion environment that generates new ideas for innovative and multidisciplinary research. Its focus is on the analysis of the food system dynamics and interdependencies; the identification of drivers for...
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