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Cette 18e journée d’économétrie organisée à l’université Paris Nanterre a pour objet de permettre à des chercheurs de présenter des travaux de recherche théoriques et/ou appliqués en économétrie de la finance. L’accent sera mis sur l’utilisation des techniques...
The Canadian Macroeconomics Study Group solicits applications in all areas of macroeconomics to be presented at its 33rd annual meeting. The conference will consist of 14-16 papers along with discussants. The conference is open to all with a general interest in macroeconomics.
Submissions on econometric methods for large models and machine learning are encouraged, but submissions in any area of theoretical or applied econometrics will be considered.
The topic of this meeting is “MCDA for a sustainable development of the ocean”. It will therefore cover cutting edge research issues in the area of Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding, as well as innovative applications of MCDA to the sustainable management and development of the ocean.
The Program Committee welcomes submissions in the field of International Macroeconomics. In particular, we are interested in theoretical or empirical papers addressing issues including (but not limited to): - International monetary system - Monetary trilemma - Sovereign debt crises -...
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