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Blackwell companions to contemporary economics. - Malde, Mass. [u.a.] : Blackwell Publ., ZDB-ID 2250104-6. - Vol. 4
Type of publication: Book / Working Paper
Type of publication (narrower categories): Übersichtsarbeit ; Systematic review ; Sammelwerk ; Collection of articles of several authors
Language: English
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The micro-empirics of agglomeration economies / Stuart S. Rosenthal and William C. Strange
Human capital externalities in cities : identification and policy issues / Gilles Duranton
The first cities / Arthur O'Sullivan
Cross-country patterns of urban development / Stephen Malpezzi
The spatial pattern of land use in the United States / Elena G. Irwin and Nancy E. Bockstael
Monocentric cities / Marvin Kraus
Space in general equilibrium / Marcus Berliant and Courtney LaFountain
Testing for monocentricity / Daniel P. McMillen
The economic theory of housing tenure choice / Franz Hubert
Housing policy : low-income households in France / Anne Laferrère and David Le Blanc
Housing demand : an international perspective / Miki Seko
Discrimination in mortgage lending / Anthony M. Yezer
Commercial real estate / David Geltner
Housing price indexes / Bradford Case
Urban transport economic theory / Yoshitsugu Kanemoto
Urban passenger travel demand / André de Palma, Robin Lindsey, and Nathalie Picard
Urban transportation and land use / John F. McDonald
Urban transport policies : the Dutch struggle with market failures and policy failures / Piet Rietveld
Financing cities / Robert P. Inman
Strategic interaction among governments / Jan K. Brueckner
Property and land taxation / John Douglas Wilson
A theory of municipal corporate governance with an application to land-use regulation / William A. Fischel
Urban labor markets / Timothy J. Bartik and Randall W. Eberts
A primer on spatial mismatch within urban labor markets / Keith R. Ihlanfeldt
Urban labor economic theory / Yves Zenou
Macroeconomic analysis using regional data : an application to monetary policy / Gerald A. Carlino and Robert H. DeFina
Measuring and analyzing urban employment fluctuations / N. Edward Coulson
Measuring quality of life / Glenn C. Blomquist
Air pollution in cities / Matthew E. Kahn
Urban crime, race, and the criminal justice system in the United States / Stephen Raphael and Melissa Sills
Ethnic segregation and ghettos / Alex Anas.
ISBN: 1-4051-7968-6 ; 978-1-4051-7968-3 ; 1-4051-0629-8 ; 978-1-4051-0629-0
Classification: Wirtschaftsgeographie ; Regionalwirtschaft
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