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Caribbean energy outlook / Anthony T. Bryan
Transitioning to clean energy in Central America / Christian Gómez, Jr.
Will Argentina go the way of Venezuela? / Gonzalo Molina
Commodity crisis in Colombia : a reform catalyst for an exhausted development model / Andrés Cala Campo
After the Fall of Petrobras-too big to fail? : Energy policy in Brazil afterwards / Marcelo Rocha e Silva Zorovich
Sustainable agriculture landscapes for production of biofuels in Brazil / José Maria Cardoso da Silva and Luis Cláudio Fernandes Barbosa
The European Union and climate change : the post-COP21 world / Maxime H. A. Larivé
China's activities in the petroleum, renewable energy, and transmission sectors of Latin America and the Caribbean / R. Evan Ellis
Chinese oil investments in Peru and Ecuador : social responsibility, host government regulations, and host civil society / Wenyan Wu
The fall of energy prices and aggressive foreign policy : the case of Russia / Dina Moulioukova
Oil, political stability and the Middle East : fiscal crisis, geopolitical standoffs, and transitioning to a new world order / Herbert Reginbogin
Twilight kingdom? : Saudi Arabia and the American challenge between Shale and Shi'ism / Bradford R. McGuinn
Opposing extractivism : social movements for rights and sustainability / Laura Carlsen
Systemic transformation and energy : the BRICS' new development bank and the declining relevance of OPEC / Hanna Samir Kassab
ISBN: 978-1-4985-8661-0
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