XIII, 346 S
Ill., graph. Darst., Kt
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Roundtable ; (Snowbird, Utah) : 2001.10.20-21
Type of publication: Book / Working Paper
Type of publication (narrower categories): Kongress ; Bibliographie enthalten ; Bibliography included ; Kongressschrift ; Congress report ; Sammelwerk ; Collection of articles of several authors
Language: English
Bibliogr. S. 271-337
Archaeology and political economy : setting the stage / Gary M. Feinman -- The evolution of chiefdoms : an economic anthropological model / Charles Stanish -- The economy of the moment : cultural practices and Mississippian chiefdoms / Timothy R. Pauketat -- Reflections on the early southern Mesopotamian economy / Robert McAdams -- Structural parameters and sociocultural factors in the economic organization of north Mesopotamian urbanism in the third millennium B.C. / Gil Stein -- Material resources, capital, and power : the coevolution of society and culture / Andrew Sherratt -- Roman economies : a paradigm of their own / Glenn R. Storey -- Early state economic systems in China / Anne P. Underhill and Hui Fang -- Appropriative economies : labor obligations and luxury goods in ancient Maya societies / Patricia A. Mcanany -- Unraveling the prehispanic highland Mesoamerican economy : production, exchange, and consumption in the classic period Valley of Oaxaca / Gary M. Feinman and Linda M. Nicholas -- Craft economies of ancient Andean states / Cathy Lynne Costin -- Political economy in the historic period chiefdoms and states of Southeast Asia / Laura Lee Junker -- Comparative insights into the ancient political economies of West Africa / Ann Brower Stahl
ISBN: 0874807778 ; 087480776X
Classification: Archäologie
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