• Machine generated contents note: Part 1: An Overview of Financial Accounting 1. Financial Accounting and its Economic Context 2. The Financial Statements Part 2: Measurement, Mechanics, and Use of Financial Statements 3. The Measurement Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 4. The Mechanics of Financial Accounting 5. Using Financial Statement Information Part 3: Assets: A Closer Look 6. The Current Asset Classification, Cash, and Accounts Receivable 7. Merchandise Inventory 8. Investments in Equity Securities 9. Long-Lived Assets Part 4: Liabilities and Stockholder's Equity: A Closer Look 10. Introduction to Liabilities: Economic Consequences, Current Liabilities, and Contingencies. 11. Long-Term Liabilities: Notes, Bonds, and Leases 12. Stockholders' Equity Part 5: Income and Flows 13. The Complete Income Statement 14. The Statement of Cash Flows
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