• Machine generated contents note: Preface Introduction Part 1: A Flight through Financial Market History--Freedom and Fraud Chapter 1. The First Few Millennia Chapter 2. The Bank of England and the Scottish Enlightenment Chapter 3. U.S. Banking, from British Colonies to 1865 Chapter 4. Bagehot's Dictum (a.k.a. the "Greenspan Put") Chapter 5. U.S. Financial Markets from 1865 to the Great Depression Chapter 6. Depression, War, and Aftermath--Reflecting on Finance from 1929 to 1973 Chapter 7. Early Deregulation: The Transactions that Replaced Depression Era Thrifts Chapter 8. Riskless Arbitrage--Stand-alone Collateralized Mortgage Obligations ("CMOs") Chapter 9. Paradise Gained, Lost, Regained, and Destroyed--1992 to 2008 Chapter 10. Resurrection, Recovery and Reform--2008-2013 Chapter 11. Different Circumstances Require Different Solutions Part 2: The Theory of Financial Stability Chapter 12. Statement: Rule of Law + Freedom + Transparency → Equilibrium Chapter 13. Saying vs. Doing Part 3: Proofs of the Theory of Financial Stability Chapter 14. Mathematics: (1 + i)x > (E = mc2) Chapter 15. Law: Incomplete "Sale" [equiv] Secured Borrowing Chapter 16. Economics: Savings [equiv] Investment Chapter 17. Accounting: Assets [equiv] Liabilities + Capital Chapter 18. International Trade: Current Account Deficit [equiv] Capital InvestmentDomestic Savings Chapter 19. Philosophy: Benevolence > Self Interest > Fraud Part 4: The Future Chapter 20. Achieving Wisdom While Avoiding Mistakes of Experience Chapter 21. Capital Needs Chapter 22. Sources of Capital Chapter 23. Managing the Water Balloon Chapter 24. Balancing the Bubbles Epilogue: Truth and Consequences References About the Companion Website About the Authors Index
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