Type of publication: Journal
Language: English
Urh. anfangs: Pennsylvania State University; 2. Urh. 1971 - 1981: Division of Research and Division of Economics, Graduate School of Business Administration, Michigan State University; ab 1982: Department of Economics, California State University; teils: Department of Economics, University of Nebraska; teils: University of Massachusetts, Boston
Repr.: Nendeln, Liechtenstein : Kraus
Index 1/22.1967/88 in: 22.1988,4; 1/24.1967/90 in: 24.1990,4
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Mikrofilm- u. Mikrofiche-Ausg.: Ann Arbor, Mich. : Univ. Microfilms
ISSN: 0021-3624
Other identifiers:
410536-9 [ZDB]
Classification: skw-ECS-00001
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