• Introduction : The democratic deficit of knowledge economies / Sverker Sörlin and Hebe Vessuri
  • Modes of knowledge and patterns of power / Maurice Kogan
  • Universities and society : whose terms of engagement? / Mala Singh
  • Knowledge, globalization, and hegemony : production of knowledge in the twenty-first century / Paul Tiyambe Zeleza
  • Knowledge and equity : unequal access to education, academic success and employment opportunities : the gender balance in Algeria / Nouria Benghabrit-Remaoun
  • Knowledge, culture, and politics : the status of women in the Arab world / Fahima Charaffedine
  • Knowledge, theory, and tension between local and universal knowledge / Roberto Fernández Retamar
  • The hybridization of knowledge : science and local knowledge in support of sustainable development / Hebe Vessuri
  • Remarks on the relationship between knowledge functions and the role of the university / Akira Arimoto
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