Type of publication: Book / Working Paper
Language: English
This paper presents two sub-themes of a project commissioned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in autumn 2003. Three tasks were in focus: (i) to evaluate the change in Swedish scrapping pre≠mium carried out in July 2001; (ii) to analyse combinations of different economic measures, which promote renewal of the car fleet; and (iii) to assess the consequences of introducing regional regulation. For the full report see: Johansson and P‰dam, 2004. We thank Per Andersson and Reino Abrahamsson at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for valuable comments on draft versions of the full report. We also thank the participants at the seminar held in Stockholm on 31st March 2004, the participants at the Finnish-Estonian Meeting held in Helsinki, 19-20 November 2004, and an anonymous referee for valuable comments Published in Working Papers in Economics, School of Economics and Business Administration,Tallinn University of Technology (TUTWPE), Volume 14, Pages 37-54 Number 121 1 pages long
Classification: D62 - Externalities ; R48 - Government Pricing; Regulatory Policies
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