Type of publication: Journal
Type of publication (narrower categories): No longer published / No longer aquired
Language: German ; Czech ; Russian
Index 1/11.1939/52 d. Vorg. in: 2.1954,3/4; 1/10.1953/62 in: 10.1962,4; 1/25.1953/77 in: 26.1978,1; 1953//2002 in: Zajonc,Juraj: Slovenský národopis bibliografia, 2013
Beteil. Körp. anfangs: Slovenská Akadémia Vied; teils: Národopisný Ústav
Slovak ethnology
Slovak ethnography
Ethnographie slovaque
ISSN: 1335-1303
Other identifiers:
415968-8 [ZDB]
Classification: Regionale Volkskunde