Summary: On 8 October 2001, more than 31 years after negotiations had begun, the Council of the European Communities adopted Council Regulation No 2157/2001 (u0093Regulation 2157/2001u0094) on the statute for a European company and the related Council Directive 2001/86/EC supplementing the statute for a European company with regard to employee involvement required in the case of the creation of a European Company. The European Company, its Latin name u0093Societas Europaeau0094 (u0093SEu0094) is being used in Regulation 2157/2001, will be subject to Community law directly applicable in all EU Member States as from 8 October 2004. The Council Directive will have to be implemented in national law in all Member States.
Physical Description: 78 + [Annex 1-15] p.
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