XXIV, 307 S.
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Type of publication: Book / Working Paper
Type of publication (narrower categories): Ratgeber
Language: English
Includes index
Choose a sound financial lifestyle -- Start early and invest regularly -- Know what you're buying, part one : stocks and bonds -- Know what you're buying, part two : mutual funds, funds of funds, annuities and ETFs -- Preserve your buying power with inflation-protected bonds -- How much do you need to save? -- Keep it simple : make index funds the core, or all, of your portfolio -- Asset allocation : the cornerstone of successful investing -- Costs matter : keep them low -- Taxes, part one : mutual fund taxation -- Taxes, part two : managing your portfolio for maximum tax efficiency -- Diversification -- Performance chasing and market timing are hazardous to your wealth -- Savvy ways to invest for college -- How to manage a windfall successfully -- Do you need an advisor? -- Track your progress and rebalance when necessary -- Tune out the "noise" : it's almost always wrong -- Mastering your investments means mastering your emotions -- Making your money last longer than you do -- Protect your assets by being well insured -- Passing it on when you pass on -- You can do it : the bogleheads will help
ISBN: 0471730335 ; 978-0-471-73033-0 ; 978-0-470-06736-9 ; 0471730335
Classification: Investition, Finanzierung
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