• Myth 1: The United States boasts the best health care in the worldMyth 2: Shopping for health care is like shopping for a car: you base your decisions on good information
  • Myth 3: Medical interventions are based upon scientific evidence of positive outcomes regarding best practices. As a result, patients receive precisely the care they need
  • Myth 4: Where one chooses to receive care will have no bearing on their treatment options, outcomes, or cost
  • Myth 5: All physicians are created equal
  • Myth 6: There's no better place to be when you are ill than the hospital
  • Myth 7: The prescription I was given is safe, proven, and effective
  • Myth 8: I'm just the patient. I'm not part of the problem
  • Myth 9: My insurance company's first concern is my health
  • Myth 10: When all else fails, at least the system will allow me to die with dignity
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