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Type of publication (narrower categories): Aufsatzsammlung ; Sammelwerk ; Collection of articles of several authors
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Henry, Clement M.; Wilson, Rodney: Introduction. - S. 1-14 Kahf, Monzer: Islamic banks: the rise of a new power alliance of wealth and shari'a scholarship. - S. 17-36 Warde, Ibrahim: Global politics, Islamic finance and Islamist politics before and after 11 September 2001. - S. 37-62 Yousef, Tarik M.: The murabaha syndrome in Islamic finance: laws, institutions and politics. - S. 63-80 Goldberg, Ellis: Marketing commodities does not happen on commodity markets: The Egyptian Bursat Al-'Uqud and oil futures markets. - S. 81-103 Henry, Clement M.: Financial performances of Islamic versus conventional banks. - S. 104-128 Wilson, Rodney: Capital flight through Islamic managed funds. - S. 129-152 Stiansen, Endre: Interest politics: Islamic finance in the Sudan, 1977-2001. - S. 155-167 Smith, Kristin: The Kuwait Finance House and the Islamization of public life in Kuwait. - S. 168-190 Malley, Mohammed: Jordan: a case study of the relationship between Islamic finance and Islamist politics. - S. 191-215 Bask
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Classification: Islam: Sonstiges ; Banken, Versicherungen
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