Summary: • Employment data, including gender differentials, for each main discrete occupation within the fisheries sector i.e.: fishing, aquaculture, marketing & distribution, processing, administration & management and informal (especially unpaid spouses support). • Legal and social status; women’s legal position concerning involvement in the sector, and problems inherent in this. • Organisational, concerning how women are organised within the industry (e.g. unions), what formal support systems there are (e.g. childcare) and how education serves women in the sector. • Socio-cultural constraints, resolved into three aspects – external social factors that effect women’s decisions, the social status (thus desirability) of fisheries occupations and “internal” psychological factors related to women’s interests, aspirations and concerns. • Economic, mainly concerned with the respective earnings for various fisheries occupations, and particularly with gender related earnings discounts and economic alternatives. Copyright authors
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