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Prioritize articles with the sorting options

The new EconBiz sorting option "Prioritize articles" makes sure that journal articles appear at the top of the result list. Articles have usually gone through a peer review process and are therefore considered to be very reliable. With the new sorting option, you can easily access these reliable research outputs and find even faster what you are looking for.

Do you want to see the new ranking in action? Here are two searches on "supply chain resilience" – one sorted by relevance and one with prioritized articles.

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Too crowded & too expensive – overtourism

The summer holidays have just begun and millions of tourists are heading off to the their well-earned vacations. However, in addition to the usual streams of tourists, the phenomenon of overtourism has been in the news for years. In Europe, as elsewhere, too many people in popular destinations are putting a strain on nature, structures and the local population.

How can tourism be managed in a way that is environmentally friendly and socially acceptable for both travelers and the local population? This is the subject of the ZBW's Spotlight on current issues in economics and a related EconBiz literature list.

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Interdisciplinary research

Are you researching interdisciplinary topics? Other subject portals may be helpful in your search, e.g. for political sciencelegal researchsociology (in German) or criminology.

If you are researching educational topics, you will find many resources in the education research portal. If you are interested in topics related to mobility and transport research, you may also find valuable information in the FIDmove portal.

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