Plagiarism can …

> be embarrassing: "US election: Melania Trump 'plagiarised' Michelle Obama" (BBC News, 19th July 2016)

> get you flunked, even if you didn’t do it on purpose (so take extra care!)

> can cause trouble even years later und can harm your reputation, see: "Plagiarism affair of minister Annette Schavan (Germany): "The Chancellor Will Have To Reshuffle Her Cabinet"" (Spiegel Online 9th February 2013)

By the way: Your paper can already be regareded as plagiarism if single passages or ideas are copied from other sources without reference. So take care with your citations!

Plagiarism Scans: The software of your profs

With these free tools you can test on a small scale what your profs do with professional tools.

Selection inspired by CHIP article CHIP-Artikel "Plagiate online prüfen – Diese Tools gibt es" (German)

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