Advanced Search

Video on finding scholarly publications. From minute 3 you find information on the advanced search in EconBiz.

Combine your search terms

Right beside the search fields you can select how you want to combine several search fields that stand below each other:

  • Find ALL terms (AND): Terms of all search fields must appear in the search results to produce a hit (default).
  • Find ANY Term (OR): Terms of one of the search fields are sufficient to produce a hit. Either this OR the other term must appear.
  • NOT the term (NOT): The result list must not conatin hits that include the term you enter.

-> Within a search field several terms are always combinde with AND.

-> Add additional search groups to combine your fields with different operators.

Search only for Title ; Author ; Subject ; ISBN ; etc.

Use the pulldown menu "All fields" beside the search field to select a certain search field for your search terms:

  • Titles
  • Subjects (subject headings from the thesaurus STW)
  • Authors
  • Institutions [as publisher of a publication]
  • Published in ... [enter title keywords of a journal or series]
  • Publishers

Search keys for direct entry into the search field (pdf)

List "type of publications" for the search in EconBiz (pdf)

Limit to certain languages, types of publication (book, article, ...), databases

Several items:

Select languages, types of puclication or databases to limit your search results to them.Press Ctrl on your keyboard to select more than one item.


We only offered the most frequently used languages directly for selection in the advanced search. Other languages can be searched via language code. Find codes and information on the search syntax in this pdf file.


To limit your search to certain years, enter the years into the two fields (from - to) or move the slider.

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