A click on the magnifying glass starts the search function. Enter your search term into the search box at the top right hand corner. After three letters keywords are automatically suggested. Click "search" to start your query.

Gain less results (filters)

Did your search term produce too many results?

1. Click on the arrow next to the search box.

2. Choose the option "Filter". You will see various filters that allow you to reduce the number of results.

3. Click a filter to open it.

4. Choose one of the offered elements in order to show only those results that match this criterion.

Detailed View

Click a title to open the detailed view in order to see more information. If it is an online source you can click the "online" icon to open the full text. The icon "link" directs you to the original database. There you can find additional information about the title and in some cases links to the full text or tables of content etc. Click on the arrow to add the title to you bookmarks or email it.


The coloured traffic lights in the results list tell you whether a full text is available to you or not.

  • Green traffic light: you can access the full-text free of charge
  • Yellow traffic light: Through a licence bought for your workplace, you are granted access to this publication.
  • Red traffic light: The publication is not available at your momentary workplace. (Only relevant in Germany. Please check the availability in your library catalogue if your library is not located in Germany)
  • Grey traffic light: It is not clear if you can access the electronic full text. Please check the information in the detailed view of the title.

The availability of a title can also be seen in the detailed view (see fig. "detailed view")

Availability in selected libraries

If you would like to know which titles are available in a particular library, set it as your local library.

The yellow traffic light will then appear on titles available in this library.

Attention: You can only access these full texts within the library’s network.

Find Electronic Full Texts

* Full texts are electronically available articles, working papers and books, etc.

This way you can find them: Refine your results through the criterion of   "Online availability". Then choose:

  • "free" to find texts that are freely available on the internet and
  • "restricted" to find full text items that are available at your workplace with a licence.

Download PDF

In each pdf full text you will find a button "Download PDF" in the upper right corner. Click on it to save the full text.

The title data and the full text will be automatically added to your bookmarks.

Search via Barcode Scan

Select "Scan barcode" in the options of the search area. Photograph a barcode of a book. A search for the ISBN of this book will be triggered automatically.

Organise Bookmarks

You can add individual titles from the results list to your bookmarks. Click the section "Favourites" in the navigation in order to see the list of selected titles. From the search box you can search within your bookmark list.

Find economics libraries

You would like to know if there’s a library with economics literature nearby?

* Click the small map in the navigation.

* Enter the city you just find yourself in or in which you would like to find a library and click "search".

Set home library

A click on the cogwheel in the navigation opens the settings options. Select one of the libraries as your home library in order to check the availability of titles in this library.

Ask us: Research Guide EconDesk

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