Save favorites

With this function you can compile your personal literature list. You can save it permanently, export it to literature reference software, or e-mail it.

Add titles to favorites

You find a a star beside each hit in the results list.

Clicking on it you will be asked to log in.

After login you will be able to save your favorites in EconBiz.

Open favorites

Open your favorites lists unter the search field via click on the tab "favorites".

Share favorites

Create a new favorites list (see "Save several different favorites lists"). Selecting your new favorites list, you find an icon "Edit list" at the bottom. Click on it and select the status public for you list in the next step.

Copy the link of your list and share it i.e. on facebook, via e-mail or on the web.

The default setting for lists is "private".

See also: Embed favorites in my website.

Save several different favorites lists

You can save several favorites lists in EconBiz. Select the link "create a new list" in the pop up window that appears as soon as you click on the star beside a title record.

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