EconBiz News en_GB ZBW Sun, 11 Apr 2021 04:35:31 +0000 Sun, 11 Apr 2021 04:35:31 +0000 TYPO3 EXT:news news-194 Mon, 08 Mar 2021 12:15:32 +0000 Lexis Nexis database & e-books via remote access /eb/en/news/news/view/lexis-nexis-database-e-books-via-remote-access We have recenty licensed the Lexis Nexis database for remote access and added three Springer e-book collections to our holdings. A requirement for remote access is that you live or study in Hamburg or Kiel. Please log in to EconBiz first and then access the resources. Full text access is indicated by the yellow square.

news-192 Mon, 01 Mar 2021 13:44:52 +0000 Long Night of Postponed Papers on March 4 /eb/en/news/news/view/long-night-of-postponed-papers-on-march-4 Fear of the blank screen? Writer’s block? Procrastination? Every year on the first Thursday in March, students and doctoral candidates get together to finally write that one text they've been putting off for so long.

Whether you are despairing over your first paper, need a motivational boost in home office, or simply prefer writing in company – we invite you to our virtual warm-up for the long night of postponed papers on March 4, 2021, from 16:00 to 18:00 (CET). At 16:30 and 17:30 there will be a mini lecture on "What is a good, scholarly source?" and "Beware of plagiarism!" (both in German). We also offer a one-on-one online reference service for economics and business students to help you with your literature search (in English and German). After the warm-up, you are perfectly prepared and can start working on your paper right away.
Sign up or share the link.

news-189 Fri, 05 Jun 2020 07:54:41 +0000 Citations and Related Authors in EconBiz Author Profiles (beta) /eb/en/news/news/view/citations-and-related-authors-in-econbiz-author-profiles-beta In a major update of the EconBiz Author Profiles (beta) we included citation information from Citec.
Click the link “citations” in the upper right corner of a profile in order to display citation metrics on the author.

We also added a new tab “Related authors” – in addition to “Co-authors”. Here you can find researchers that work on the same topics but did not publish together with the author displayed in the profile. Related authors are identified based on the research topics.

Read more in our FAQ

news-187 Fri, 05 Jun 2020 07:45:38 +0000 EconBiz Apps will be discontinued: Please use mobile portal instead /eb/en/news/news/view/econbiz-apps-will-be-discontinued-please-use-mobile-portal-instead Please note that we will discontinue our EconBiz Apps since the EconBiz portal is fully optimized for mobile devices.

If you have one of the EconBiz Apps installed on your phone or tablet, please read the following information. (Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Phones were made available.)

Removal from App-Stores
We will remove the Apps from the App-Stores on June 30th. You can still keep the App on your phone, you do not have to delete it. It may not be working after major system updates though.

List of Favourites
If you have a list of favourites in the app, you can mail the list to your e-mail-account.

Add EconBiz-URL to Home-Screen
You can also manually add the EconBiz-URL to your home screen.
Here is one description on how to do it: :

Please contact us if you have any questions:

news-184 Fri, 27 Mar 2020 08:18:11 +0000 Corona special offers from Publishers: Free or easier access to Publications /eb/en/news/news/view/corona-sonderaktionen-von-verlagen-freier-oder-erleichterter-zugriff-auf-publikationen0 Some publishers currently offer free or easier access to journals or e-books:

AEA - American Economic Association
Free access to journals until June 30, 2020

Bloomberg Media
Bloomberg Media Offers College Students Worldwide Free Digital Subscriptions for Three Months, starting April 22

Cambridge University Press
Free access to over 700 text books until May 31, 2020

Free access to 256 text books for 90 days, until June 20, 2020 - Portal der Energiewirtschaft
EW, Netzpraxis, ET and Euroheat & Power from vol. 2019, free access until the end of 2020

JoVE education video
Free access to many videos until June 15, 2020

Journals until June 30, 2020

Complete contents (e-books, journals, text books etc.) at first until March 31, 2020

University publishers as well as other participating publishers, journals and e-books, e.g. Duke, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Princeton etc.

Oxford University Press
Free access to "COVID-19 resources" (articles from books and journals that are related to Covid-19)

ProQuest E-Book Central
Unlimited simultanous  access to many e-books until June 15, 2020 

Springer Nature
Free access to a range of essential textbooks from all disciplines.

University Press Community
More than 80 publishers open up a wide variety of resources, books, and journals.

World Scientific
All journals from volumes 2001 onwards, until June 30, 2020

Norwegian Database Idunn
Free access while libraries are closed

ACM Digital Library
ACM DL is now open, and will continue that way through June 30, 2020.

DBIS: List of licensed databases that unlock more contents (for users of libraries with an existing license)


See our web page on corona related research and open access content here.


news-182 Mon, 02 Mar 2020 09:20:02 +0000 Write your best Paper in Economics and Business Studies /eb/en/news/news/view/broschuere-schreibe-deine-beste-hausarbeit-englische-fassung-und-cc-by0 Students often struggle with focusing on the main question, finding scholarly papers or citing correctly. The booklet "Write your best Paper" summarizes the most important topics in a step by step instruction with a timeline and many practical tips.

For teachers: You can use our version under CC-BY license. Make the changes you need and/or upload the booklet to your own servers and learning environments.

If you need a printed version, please .


news-180 Fri, 17 Jan 2020 08:42:35 +0000 Version 9.08 of STW – Standard Thesaurus for Economics /eb/en/news/news/view/standard-thesaurus-wirtschaft-stw-in-version-9080 In EconBiz, subject headings are added to publications in order to make your search more comprehensive. Just now we released a new version of our vocabulary of subject headings, the Standard Thesaurus for Economics (STW). See our list of added terms.

Here you can find all details on the version change.

Use the STW to find the best search terms for EconBiz. You can also find translations (German and English), synonyms, broader terms, narrower terms, and related terms which you might want to consider for your search.


news-178 Thu, 28 Nov 2019 14:29:34 +0000 EconBiz Results: Bulk Export, Add to Favorites, Tag, and Share, … /eb/en/news/news/view/econbiz-treffer-speichern-exportieren-annotieren-teilen-versenden0 In EconBiz we have greatly extended the options of further processing the results ... ... so that you can more easily transfer the literature into your own working environment.

In the result list you can select several hits via checkbox and then:

  • save them as favorites,
  • export to reference management software or as text file,
  • print or
  • send them by e-mail.

Login to EconBiz to save your favorites from different searches and export them, print, or send the list by e-mail. Tag them with your own keywords or notes to yourself.

If you mark your favorites list as "public", you can share the link with other researchers or students. Embed public lists via embed code to your own website or learning management system.

Read more about favorites.

In the full view of a record in EconBiz, you can also share publications via Twitter or Facebook and view them in citation format such as APA-, Chicago- or MLA style.

news-176 Fri, 27 Sep 2019 12:28:04 +0000 EconBiz Author Profiles (beta) /eb/en/news/news/view/econbiz-author-profiles-beta0 Use our new EconBiz Author Profiles (beta) to find more information on specific authors, their publications, research topics and co-authorships Use our new EconBiz Author Profiles (beta) to find more information on specific authors, their publications, research topics and co-authorships.

You are an author yourself? Your own profile might have been created automatically through integrated services, like: LOBID, Entity Facts, EconBiz API, Nobel Prize API, RePEc top authors, Wikidata and DBPedia.

Search for author profiles here:

Find more information on how to use EconBiz Author Profiles and FAQ.

Disambiguation of Authors
Researchers, libraries and other institutions use authority files in order to make it easier to identify individual persons or institutions. The use of authority files helps to identify the right person if you have two or more people who share the same name (e.g. John Smith born in 1950 versus John Smith born in 1972 or John Smith, the economist, versus John Smith, the dancer). On the other hand authority files are used to bring together publications by one author whose publications appear under different names e.g. due to marriage or due to different spellings in different languages, common spelling mistakes, use of initials etc. (e.g. William D. Nordhaus, W. D. Nordhaus, U. Nordchauz, W. Nordhaus, William Nordhaus Weilian Nuodehaosi, 威廉 诺德豪斯).

You are a researcher in Business or Economics but your own profile is missing or lacks information? Contact us about the creation of a GND-ID and add more profiles and infos in WikiData.


Please contact us if you have any comments, suggestions or questions on EconBiz Author Profiles (beta):

news-168 Wed, 10 Apr 2019 13:48:28 +0000 Academic Career Kit in EconBiz /eb/en/news/news/view/academic-career-kit-in-econbiz-1 See our new Academic Career Kit for PhD students and Early Career Researchers in economics and social sciences.

It contains three interactive toolkits on topics like: Publishing a paper, increasing the visibility and calculating the metrics of your research, options for (online) networking, and the storage, documentation and sharing of research data.

The Academic Career Kit is published under a CC-BY license and - as an Open Educational Resource (OER) - it can be integrated into your own website.

Try it and read more.

news-166 Wed, 10 Oct 2018 09:21:01 +0000 Search Term Expansion with Wikipedia / Wikidata /eb/en/news/news/view/search-term-expansion-with-wikipedia-wikidata Search terms in EconBiz are expanded automatically by synonyms or translations from the Thesaurus for Economics (STW). Searching for "Canned food", you will also find hits that contain the subject heading "Preserved food" from the STW.

With the new version 9.06 of the STW, Wikipedia-redirects are added to this feature of STW search term expansion through Wikidata. If a title contains the STW subject heading "CIS countries", you will find it now by searching for "Commonwealth of Independent States".

The recall of result lists in EconBiz is strongly enhanced with this new feature of the STW.

See change overview for version 9.06 of the STW


news-159 Thu, 21 Dec 2017 14:01:27 +0000 Student survey: What is the level of information literacy like? /eb/en/news/news/view/student-survey-what-is-the-level-of-information-literacy-like ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics published a study on the level of information literacy of students in economics and business studies in Germany. See the outline of the results in English in MediaTalk, the blog of the ZBW.

The study as a whole is available in German language only. Download it from the blogpost as pdf.

news-157 Fri, 01 Sep 2017 11:14:00 +0000 Quiz and Guided Walk on Research Skills /eb/en/news/news/view/quiz-and-guided-walk-on-research-skills Use our new section on research skills in EconBiz to self-test your know how in searching for scholarly information and citing correctly. If there are any gaps, you can directly close them with the interactive online tutorial Guided Walk.

For supervisors and academia lecturers: Suggest the quiz and the Guided Walk to your students – for better results in assignments and theses.

Have a look…

news-155 Tue, 25 Jul 2017 12:20:09 +0000 STW Thesaurus for Economics: Version 9.04 released /eb/en/news/news/view/stw-thesaurus-for-economics-version-9-04-released The STW is the controlled vocabulary for the description of a major part of the publications in EconBiz. Available in German and English, it contains about 6,000 subject headings und 20,000 synonyms in economics, business studies and related areas. Using an EconBiz icon at a certain term will lead you to the respective result list in EconBiz. The new version of the STW was enhanced by terms like "big data" or "virtual currency". Furthermore a new mapping was created between the STW and the Classification of the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) of the American Economic Association.

In EconBiz you find the STW linked in the upper navigation under "Thesaurus (STW)".

See more in STW.

news-146 Tue, 18 Apr 2017 09:33:56 +0000 SciFiS – A Search Engine for Scientific Figures /eb/en/news/news/view/scifis-a-search-engine-for-scientific-figures Scientific figures in publications often include valuable information that cannot be searched directly with today’s tools. A new tool developed ... by the ZBW Knowledge Discovery Research Group enables the search in infographics and thus offers new ways to access publications.

Read more in our Beta area.

news-136 Thu, 09 Mar 2017 15:41:07 +0000 EconBiz-Relaunch on March 13th, 2017 /eb/en/news/news/view/econbiz-relaunch-on-march-13th-2017 What you get with the new EconBiz:

  • Improved design,
  • clear overview over access options for the full text,
  • search in 250,000 additional tables of contents of book,
  • new filter functionality in the results list: Combine different subjects, publication types, languages, etc. to create your most relevant results list.
  • Optimized for mobile devices.

For users of ZBW in Hamburg and Kiel:

  • Log in to EconBiz with your ZBW user account data to see order buttons and your loans.
  • Your ZBW account with renewals, reserves and fees is completely integrated into EconBiz now.
  • Save your EconBiz favorites and searches in your ZBW account. With the relaunch there is no more need for a separate EconBiz account.

We are looking forward to your feedback, your questions, and your remarks!

news-67 Mon, 10 Oct 2016 11:22:00 +0000 Do you know our Events Recommender in Twitter? /eb/en/news/news/view/do-you-know-our-events-recommender-in-twitter The EconBiz Event Calendar contains about 400 future events, summer schools and conferences in economics and business studies. Follow the Event Calendar on Twitter, to receive information about new entries. Visit the Event Calendar

Open our Twitter Recommender

By the way: With our Online Call Organizer you can save a personal profile and only receive recommendations related to your own field of research.


news-65 Wed, 01 Jun 2016 07:42:00 +0000 Display your search results as a map, time line, uRank (beta) /eb/en/news/news/view/display-your-search-results-as-a-map-time-line-urank-beta-1 Try out our new EEXCESS visualization widget! Have a look at graphic displays of results in a world map, time line, or tag map. With the uRank feature you can re-rank result lists according to selected keywords. Explore!

As always, feedback is very helpful for us.

Please send your thoughts and comments to

In EconBiz you can find the widget in our beta area.

Try the widget

news-63 Tue, 10 Nov 2015 10:28:00 +0000 New Tools for Online Research – EU Project EEXCESS Releases Four New Prototypes /eb/en/news/news/view/new-tools-for-online-research-eu-project-eexcess-releases-four-new-prototypes-1 The EU project EEXCESS addresses new methods for providing information on the internet. The motto reads: "Take the content to the user, not the user to the content!"

The aim of the new software of EEXCESS is to make exactly those special resources available to the users that fit their profile and their current search history. For this, entirely new recommendation technologies have been developed.

Through a user interface that can be integrated into the Google Chrome browser, the Google Docs editor, the blogging software WordPress or the learning management system Moodle, the user constantly receives automated recommendations from cultural databases like or from academic literature databases like (academic papers) or (economic literature).

These recommendations can then be included into a text as references, for example. The number of associated databases is extended continuously. All four prototypes are available for free download. Please find the links on

Ten partners from Austria, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Germany are involved in the project. The scientific coordinator is Professor Michael Granitzer from the University of Passau, general project coordinator is Joanneum Research from Graz. The budget amounts to approx. 6.9 billion euros, the project ends in July 2016.


news-61 Fri, 30 Oct 2015 10:31:00 +0000 EconBiz in Spanish– EconBiz en Español /eb/en/news/news/view/econbiz-in-spanish-econbiz-en-espanol-1 Olé: EconBiz is now not only available in German, English and French, but also in Spanish! We translated the most important functionalities like the search and the calendar of events. A help site for the use of EconBiz in Spanish is available as well. However – not all EconBiz contents will be translated to French and Spanish. You will always find English language contents in the Spanish version as well.

>Apropos: In EconBiz you find about 95.000 Spanish publications on economics and business topics. Search for them in the advanced search by selecting the language and leave the search field blank. Or you start a simple search and use the filter: „language: Spanish“ on the left hand of the result list.

Thank you to our partners, the Instituto de Empresa Foundation, Madrid in Spain and the Library of IAE Business School in Argentina for their support with the translation!

news-60 Fri, 30 Oct 2015 10:08:00 +0000 YES!: Young Economic Symposium successfully concluded /eb/en/news/news/view/yes-young-economic-symposium-successfully-concluded-1 On October 12th to 13th, students from 15 schools in Northern Germany presented their ideas at the YES! Young Economic Summit. They suggested answers on upcoming economic challenges like migration, economic mobility, and financial stability, and discussed with ... ... well-known economists like Claudia Buch, Vice President of German Bundesbank and Nobel-laureate George Akerlof.

The ZBW supported the students in their preparation phase with lessons in media- and information literacy and on the professional search in EconBiz.

More about YES!

news-59 Fri, 21 Aug 2015 07:38:00 +0000 EconBiz in French - EconBiz en Français /eb/en/news/news/view/econbiz-in-french-econbiz-en-francais-1 Voilà: EconBiz is available in French! We translated the most important functionalities like the search and the calendar of events. A help site for the use of EconBiz will follow shortly. However – also in the long run we won’t translate all EconBiz contents to French. You will always meet English language contents in the French version as well.

Apropos: In EconBiz you find about 140.000 French publications on economics and business topics. Search for them in the advanced search by selecting the language and leave the search field blank. Or you start a simple search an use the filter: „language: French“ on the left hand of the result list.

Thank you to our partners in Canada, the CIRANO - Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en analyse des organisations for their support!

news-58 Wed, 15 Jul 2015 08:00:00 +0000 Integrate EconBiz Result list or Bookmark list in your own Website /eb/en/news/news/view/integrate-econbiz-result-list-or-bookmark-list-in-your-own-website-1 You want to integrate an EconBiz result list or your individually selected bookmarks into your own website? Use our new widgets: ... The Search Widget and the Bookmarkt Widget.

1. Search Widget: Integrate Result list into your own Website

  • Enter a search query into the configuration tool. If you want, you can also enter a list title, size, and items per page.
  • Copy the displayed code into your website.

An example for the integration can be found here.

2. Bookmark Widget: Integrate Bookmark list into your own Website

  • Create a public bookmark list (as described here).
  • Click on "Embed bookmarks in Website" above your public bookmark list.
  • If you want, define size and items per page.
  • Copy the displayed code into your website.

An example for the integration can be found here.

Contact us at, if you have any questions concerning the widget!

news-51 Thu, 22 Jan 2015 12:28:00 +0000 Enhanced export formats for your reference management software /eb/en/news/news/view/enhanced-export-formats-for-your-reference-management-software With the EconBiz export button you can now transfer more information on publications directly into the correct fields of your reference management software. The export was optimized for data on book and articles i.e. for Citavi, Zotero, ... Please note the information on different programs below.


We improved the inclusion of the following information for many programs:

  • Link to the full text
  • Subject headings (information on subjects of the publication)

For articles:

  • Information on the journal / book in which the article was published
  • Publication year 
  • Volume-, issue-, and page numbers

For books:

  • Publisher, place and year of publication
  • Link to table of contents
  • ISBN


Please note: Depending on your literature reference software data might be imported more or less completely.


The EconBiz export is optimized for:


Export in EndNote format

Tip: Use the orange export button that you find in the detailed view of a publication and in the bookmark lists. Don’t use the Citavi picker. The COinS format of the Citavi picker imports less data than the EndNote format.



Export in BibTex format

Tip: Use the orange export button that you find in the detailed view of a publication and in the bookmark lists. Don’t use the Zotero browser icon in the address bar. The COinS format of the Zotoro picker imports less data than the BibTex format.


Others programs supported by the export feature are (in selection):

  • Bibsonomy: Suggested: Export in BibTex format
  • CiteULike: Suggested: Export in BibTex format
  • Endnote: Suggested: Export in EndNote format
  • JabRef: Suggested: Export in BibTex format
  • Mendeley: Suggested: Export in BibTex format
  • RefWorks: Suggested: Export in BibTex or EndNote format


We would be happy to hear about your problems with exports or about things that work well. We will collect the information for the next round and can put your tips online to share them with other EconBiz users.



See more information in the help texts.


news-50 Mon, 12 Jan 2015 09:41:00 +0000 Borrow ZBW holdings via EconBiz /eb/en/news/news/view/borrow-zbw-holdings-via-econbiz  

The catalogue of the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics in Kiel and Hamburg, Germany is now fully integrated into EconBiz. You can order books and journals for borrowing on site through EconBiz with your free ZBW user card.


Click "Switch to ZBW view" on the right top of the EconBiz website. Then you will find the button "Place a hold" in the detailed view of publications that are available in the ZBW.



news-2 Fri, 28 Nov 2014 12:55:00 +0000 What Google Scholar can('t) do /eb/en/news/news/view/what-google-scholar-can-t-do In the paper What Google Scholar can(’t) do: Comparison oft he scholarly search in EconBiz and Google Scholar you can find some good reasons for using more than just Google Scholar for your scholarly literature search.

The topics discussed:

- The search interface of Google Scholar provides only few options to control your topical search.

- Google Scholar includes huge quantities of full-texts and references of all subject areas. The result lists of subject specific databases might be more precise.

- With its ranking, Google Scholar influences what search results you get to see. The sorting is not transparent and you cannot change it.

- Google Scholar is led by commercial interests. It is important that publicly funded search tools provide alternatives in the access to information.

- Google doesn’t always respect privacy and copyright laws.

news-1 Thu, 06 Nov 2014 15:54:00 +0000 Roadshow: EconBiz on Tour in Germany /eb/en/news/news/view/roadshow-econbiz-on-tour-in-germany EconBiz makes studying easier! How that works, we will show you on our EconBiz-Roadshow. Find all Roadshow dates 2014/2015 here (in German).


We will be ready to answer your questions, get you started with your literature search, show you EconBiz in more detail, test what type of searcher you are and hand out give aways. Find us from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at:


07. Nov. 14 in Kiel
11. Nov. 14 in Hamburg
13. Nov. 14 in Lüneburg
20. Nov. 14 in Flensburg
Nov. 14 in Göttingen

news-3 Wed, 11 Jun 2014 11:59:00 +0000 Never miss a deadline: Online Call Organizer /eb/en/news/news/view/never-miss-a-deadline-online-call-organizer-1 With the idea "Never miss a deadline" Sonja Schulze wan our ideas competition. Now we realized the idea. You can find the Online Call Organizer for the EconBiz event calendar in our Beta area.

Step 1: Register with name and e-mail address and enter a password.

Step 2: Create your personal profile and select if you also want to get information on relevant events via e-mail or Twitter.


news-4 Tue, 10 Jun 2014 12:03:00 +0000 EconStor Full texts in EconBiz /eb/en/news/news/view/econstor-full-texts-in-econbiz With the integration of EconStor, the open access server of the ZBW, Leibniz Information Centre for Economics you can find 76,000 new full texts in EconBiz.

The advantage: EconStor full texts are permanently accessible through stable links and freely available.

Do you also want to host your open access publication(s) on EconStor - and thus make them available in EconBiz?

Find more information here.

news-5 Thu, 29 May 2014 12:05:00 +0000 Visual Search Interface / Project Eexcess /eb/en/news/news/view/visual-search-interface-project-eexcess The Visual Search Interface for EconBiz was realized by the EEXCESS project. It tries to facilitate access to high quality information.

One aspect of the project is a visualization of search processes. This very first prototype in the EconBiz Beta area works like a tagcloud. You can select Subjects, Languages, Years, etc. for filtering your results. Tell us your opinion!