Crowd Sourcing: Support the academic community and EconBiz - Let us know if something is wrong.

EconBiz not only aims at referencing new articles, working papers and books in economics and business as timely as possible – it also wants to grant long term and stable access to publications.

Free full texts and working papers, however, that we are not allowed to store ...

...on our own repository EconStor, can change their URLs and then might not be available through EconBiz any more.

If you come across such a broken link, if you find mistakes or missing information, you can report them with our error report form. It is placed under the detailed view of all records, in which the EconBiz team can perform changes.

All you have to do to report an error is to select an error type and click the send button. You don’t have to give your e-mail address unless you want to get feedback from us, in which case we would tell you about the changes and new ways to access the publication after correcting the data.

The academic community and EconBiz will be very grateful!

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