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Video on Advanced Search

In our video on finding scholarly publications, we talk about the Advanced Search in EconBiz starting at minute 3 (english subtitles).


Combine your search terms

In the drop-down-menu Match you can select how the search terms in the different search fields are combined:

  • Find ALL terms (AND): Only results that match all terms in all search fields are displayed. (This option is default).
  • Find ANY Term (OR): All results are displayed that match either the term in the first search field, or the term in the second search field, or the term in the third search field, and so on.
  • NOT the term (NOT): Only results that do not match this term are displayed.

Multiple terms within a search field are always combined with AND.

Add more search groups to combine multiple searches with different operators.


Search for titles, authors, ISBNs, or subjects

In the pull-down menu you can select which attribute of a publication you want to search for:

  • Title (Search for title keywords or whole titles.)
  • Subject (Search topics using the STW - Thesaurus for Economics.)
  • Author (Search for authors, editors, and other people connected with a publication.)
  • Institution (Search for institutions as publishers of a publication.)
  • ISBN/ ISSN (Search for the ISBN of publications or the ISSN of journals and series.)
  • Published in... (Search articles using keywords from the title of the journal or the series.)
  • Publisher (Search for publishers by name or city.)

By using multiple search fields, you can search for some terms in the title of the publication, for other terms as authors, or for some terms as the title of a journal, e.g. India [All fields] and "American economic journal" [Published in...].


Limit to Open Access, language and format of publication, or source

Limit your search by searching only in free full texts or by searching only for publications in specific languages, formats, or databases.

  • Select multiple aspects: By holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, you can select more than one aspect at a time.
  • Language: For ease of use, only the most frequently used languages are offered directly for selection here. A list of all languages can be found here: Language codes in EconBiz (PDF file).
  • Year of publication: Narrow down the results according to the publication date with the fields From: and To: or with the slider.


Search with keys and operators

All functions of the advanced search can also be used in the simple search of EconBiz. To do this, you need to add so-called search keys. These key words precede the search term with a colon (without spaces), e.g. institution:IfW or date:2019.

A list of all search keys and possible combinations can be found here: Search keys in EconBiz (PDF).

A particularly useful search key is the type_genre key, that allows you to limit your search to specific publication types, e.g. type_genre:textbook or type_genre:statistics.

A list of all publication types can be found here: Publication types in EconBiz (PDF).

In addition to the operators AND, OR and NOT there are also other operators for searching in EconBiz:

  • Tilde: With the tilde ~ you can search for terms that are close to each other but do not immediately follow each other e.g. "communication information"~2.
  • Circumflex: With the circumflex ^ you can give more weight to individual search terms and thus influence the sorting of the results, e.g. unemployment AND (finland^20 OR scandinavia^1).


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