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Find all possible endings with * (truncation)

With the asterisk * at the end of your search term you are able to find all possible endings. Without the asterisk only the accurate term will be searched. Plural forms etc. will not be regarded.

competit* = competition, competitive, …

Find the best search terms

Use our STW Thesaurus for Economics, to identify the best search terms. The Thesaurus is a web of broader and narrower terms, related terms, synonyms and translations. With terms from the STW you will find the best results in EconBiz.

Replace one character with a ?

Use the ? symbol to perform a single character wildcard search.

Globali?ation finds: Globalisation and Globalization.

Search for synonyms with OR

When you enter several terms into the search field, all of them must appear in the document to produce a result. They are combined with AND by default. The more terms you enter the less results you will get.

Enter an OR (Capital Letters!) between terms to search for any of the terms: (Fashion OR Clothing).

Add brackets around the terms if you want to add a term that must appear:

(Fashion OR Clothing) France


(Fashion OR Clothing) (France OR Italy)

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