Access to Full Texts

Video on access to paid online publications. Connect to the network of your library in order to access licensed full texts for free.

IP range of your Library / University + Remote Access

Scholarly articles are quite expensive and often not freely available on the Internet. Only if your library has bought a license, you can access paid online full texts for free.

  • Use EconBiz at computers in your library or ask them about options of remote access to full texts.
  • For users of the ZBW (in Kiel / Hamburg): Remote Access at ZBW.

Full text access in EconBiz

If a full text is freely available you will find a link "Full text" in EconBiz.

With paid publications EconBiz will show you the best access option for your location based on your IP address.

Under "more access options" you can find alternative ways to the full text.

Yellow = Online Access paid by your Library

If you are in a library in Germany, a yellow square indicates that this full text was was provided by your library and is not freely available.


If you find a yellow-red icon, you would have to check if you can access the full text. Here we weren't able to identify your access options.


All availability Options

Full text: Click to access the full text.

Full text (journal): Click to open the journal website. Access the needed article through the journal website.

In German libraries (KVK): This button opens a filled in search form of the Germany wide Karlsruher Virtual Catalogue (KVK). Change the settings or klick send to get search results from all German library union catalogues.

In libraries world-wide (WorldCat): See availability in WorldCat. WorldCat is a catalog of libraries from around the world (not complete though). Click to check in which library the book / journal etc. is available.

subito order: subito is a document delivery service of libraries. For a small fee, articles will be sent to you as a copy, books on loan by mail. A click on the button "subito order" takes you to a login page first. Log in with your subito account data or register as a new user. Then you will be forwarded to the order page for the book / article from the EconBiz results list.
Please note that copyright does not allow us to send articles to all countries via subito.

I need help: Research Guide EconDesk, the online reference service of EconBiz, helps you to find out how to get access to a full text. You can chat with us from Monday till Friday between 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. CET. At all other times you can send us an e-mail.

You will find a Google preview button in the EconBiz results list for many books.

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