Summary: The conference, which will take place from 15 till 17 September 2004, highlights the need to improve the quality of public services in the EU. The opportunities to do so are to be found in the public sector business processes. Public organisations are capable of a great many things. Innovative best practices in the areas of service and business operations can be found throughout the EU. However, a successful and total improvement process of public services and its underlying business processes will be challenging. Creating excellent public sector organisations depends on a wide range of factors. During 3QC, policymakers, practitioners and high-level managers will search for these crucial factors. Subsequently, they will discuss opportunities for improvement. The emphasis will be on business operation processes in the public sector. How is successful service provision embedded in the organisation and business operation processes? The three basic themes of 3QC are: - The responsive government: Government should be aware of companies and citizens' thoughts and feelings and provide services appropriately. - The efficient and cost-effective government: Government must not only provide good services, it must also provide them at the lowest possible cost. - The inspiring government as a labour organisation: An inspiring organisation is better able to stimulate employees to take responsibility for the provision of excellent services.

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