Summary: Welcome to the 5th Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality in Economics and Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Research into Economic Systems in Jena, Germany. The Summer Institute aims to provide a stimulating forum for the interdisciplinary investigation of Bounded Rationality in modeling and understanding individual and collective decision making. It is an opportunity for graduate students and leading scholars from around the world to share their ideas and develop new insights towards a better understanding of human behavior. Through a series of lectures, discussion groups and seminar presentations of selected topics in Game Theory, Behavioral Economics and Cognitive and Social Psychology, participants will get to know different approaches to the study of rational decision making, all of them anchored in empirical evidence about the psychological possibilities and behavioral regularities of humans. Recent research results by faculty members as well as papers in progress by students will be presented and discussed. In addition, there will be a public Workshop with distinguished participants.

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