Summary: Critical Management Studies addresses a wide range of issues that extend from diversity to globalization, from labour process to philosophy, from technology to sexuality and gender. It interrogates established agendas and strives to move beyond them. Contributions from heterodox standpoints are encouraged: marxism, feminism, environmentalism, labour process theory, post-structuralism, post-colonialism, post-development theory, queer theory, critical realism, etc., etc. Critical Management Studies has been described as an ecumenical movement embracing many critical traditions and viewpoints, each differentiated by a distinctive cause. The suggestion that diverse perspectives are included may sound like an anything-goes-postmodernism. However, the idea of critique is based on the notion of making judgements at critical moments, this way or that, which implies that not all differences matter equally all the time. Articulating these differences, and making both conventional and critical judgements subject to interrogation is a central aim of discussions at the conference. The website is no longer available.

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