Summary: "Decentralization as a Source of Economic Incentives" will be the headline of the con-ference's open session. There will be about 10 workshops whose topics will be fixed after the receipt of proposals responding to this Call for Papers. An increasing proportion of firms' value added is created in co-operation with other firms and therefore the firms borders are getting more and more blurred. The head-line of this module intentionally offers a wide range for proposals, in order enable the analysis of all questions concerning the co-operation of firms Prospective problems treated in this open session may be the pivotal questions of managing the co-operation of firms, i.e. issues of initiating a co-operation and in general of organizing and managing the operation of a co-operation, e.g. - IT as an instrument for managing co-operations - customer integration management - organization of value chains - problems of initiating a co-operation - incentive problems in co-operations - legal problems of co-operations [gemäß den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information] The website is no longer available.

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