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The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers in household economics. We define household economics as the economic analysis of household decisions, including decisions regarding consumption, labor supply and other uses of time, household formation and dissolution, demand for health...
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The aim of the Conference is to facilitate the exchange of research ideas and results across a range of fields, including the economics of the household, labour economics, public economics, demography, and health economics.
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Economists need not only to have a clear idea of which instruments are most efficient and how their impacts can be evaluated ex post. Economists also need to understand why policymakers and voters sometimes oppose the use of such instruments. This is the focus of the CESifo Workshop on...
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The EALE conference features both parallel and poster sessions. Parallel sessions contain 3 or 4 short (15 minute) presentations. Poster sessions typically last for an hour, and researchers present their paper with a poster, participants come by and can interact with the presenter. Both formats...
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