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The conference is intended to bring together researchers who are interested in the evolutionary foundations of economic and social behavior, evolutionary game theory, and learning in games. We welcome submissions from anyone working in these areas, both theoretical and experimental/empirical work.
We delve into economic theory to understand the mechanisms behind social change but listen also to subjects such as political science and history as well as the many natural science disciplines that help us understand the resource and environmental challenges we face. These are times when...
The aim of the workshop is to jointly collaborate on research issues and questions that pertain to the AESOP congress theme “Making space for hope”, centered around three main themes: ethical; activist; and methodological implications.
This event will offer the opportunity for scholars from Europe, as well as from around the world, to contribute to the exchange of experiences, ideas and knowledge regarding planning in the 21st century, in particular in relation to the congress theme: MAKING SPACE FOR HOPE.
The aim of this annual conference is to invite research papers that examine and bring to light the frontier issues related to entrepreneurial internationalization and internationalization of entrepreneurially oriented firms in increasingly diverse, complex and fast-moving global markets. In...
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