• Executive Summary A. Cooperation Programme A. 1. Introduction A. 2. SME Participation in signed grant agreements up until 15 June 2009 A. 3 Profile of participating SMEs and their role in signed grant agreements A.3.1 Breakdown of participating SMEs A.3.2 Distribution of SMEs by economic activity A.3.3 Breakdown of SMEs by activity area and by theme A.3.4. Role of SMEs in signed grant agreements A. 4 SMEs in the Work Programmes B. Capacities Programme - Research for the Benefit of SMEs B. 1 Introduction B. 2 Primary interest areas of SMEs in projects under consideration for funding C. People Programme C. 1 Industry academia partnerships and pathways C. 2 Initial training C. 3 Life-long training and career development and International dimensions D. SME participation in Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs)
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