VIII, 275 S.
24 cm
Type of publication: Book / Working Paper
Type of publication (narrower categories): Aufsatzsammlung ; Sammelwerk ; Collection of articles of several authors
Language: English
Includes bibliographical references and index. - Enth. 9 Beitr.
My self and my own : one and the same? / Etienne Balibar -- The future of nationalist appropriation / Pheng Cheah -- Transnational topographies of power : beyond "The State" and "civil society" in the study of African politics / James G. Ferguson -- Mercantilism, federalism, and the market within reason : the people and the conceptual impossibility of racial Blackness / Lindon W. Barrett -- Divided origins and the arithmetic of ownership / Marilyn Strathern -- One two three : the psychic economy of multiplicty / Akira Mizuta Lippit -- Languge of order(s) : Jenny Holzer in the public sphere / Alexander Gelley -- Ethnographies of the future : personhood, agency, and power in Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis / Gabriele Schwab -- (Un)masking the agent : distributed cognition in Stanislaw Lem's "The Mask" / N. Katherine Hayles
ISBN: 0231137842
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