Summary: The purpose of this ad hoc interim evaluation is to review the current Phare pre-accession assistance dedicated to support Croatia’s preparation for European Union Structural Funds and to make recommendations for improvements of the current Phare programmes, as well as an input to the debate on future programming and implementation arrangements under the new Instrument for Pre-Accession in the Croatian context. This ad hoc interim evaluation report has been prepared by the MWH Consortium 1 during the period from September 2008 to October 2008 and reflects the situation at 31 October 2008, thecut-off date for the report. The evaluation is based on an analysis of programme documents, including previous ex postand interim evaluations, and on interviews with beneficiaries and stakeholders. It examines the performance of the Phare support dedicated to Croatia’s preparation for Structural Instruments in addressing the objectives stated in the formal programming documents and provides a general assessment of the related support being given to Croatia. It draws conclusions and puts forward recommendations for future increased performance.
Physical Description: 65 Seiten p.
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