Summary: Research proposals of direct interest for DG Fish in the 5th Framework Programme (FP5) concern three key actions (KA) of the thematic programme "Quality of Life" (QoL): KA 1 (Food, nutrition and health), KA 2 (Control of infectious diseases)and KA 5 (Sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry). Most of the selected projects (88%) were funded under the specific Key Action 5 “Sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry, and integrated development of rural areas including mountain areas”. As all the calls covering QoL thematic programmes are closed, it is now possible to make an assessment of the accepted projects.The present analysis covers the field of fisheries and aquaculture under KA 5.Objectives: The main objective of the present study was to analyze the research projects funded under KA 5 and to classify them by specific scientific domains in orderto establish to what extent they covered the research objectives of the QoL Work Programme in the field of fisheries and aquaculture. The proposed classification is intended to give a clear picture of the situation and to provide research institutions and policy makers information on how theresearch projects cover the different priorities.
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