• PART I Why a greater emphasis on ethics is so essential to Europe? 3 PART II The Groupu0092s approach of the relationship between citizens rights and new technologies : A. Background sources 5 B. Basic ethical principles emerging from EGE Opinions 7 C. Towards a Charter with binding legal effect 9 PART III Specific proposals and comments Article 1 u0093 Dignity of the human personu0094 10 Article 2 u0093Right to lifeu0094 12 Article 3 u0093Right to the respect of integrityu0094 13 Additional article u0093Prohibition of eugenicsu0094 20 Article 15 u0093Freedom of expressionu0094 21 Article 16 u0093Right to educationu0094 24 Article 15 u0093Data Protectionu0094 25 CONCLUSION 27 Annex : Summary of the EGE proposals 29
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