Summary: The over-exploitation of fish stocks has had a significant negative effect on fishermen's income, the balance of the marine ecosystem and the supply of fish to the EU market. Reliable scientific advice is necessary to achieve sustainable fisheries. To improve the basis for advice, particular attention has been devoted to support studies on data collection by direct measures (research surveys) and indirect methods (market sampling, statistical analysis, biological sampling) and other areas such as gear selectivity, discards, CPUE, monitoring and control. The Community Financial Support provided by DG FISH for the biological studies during the 1997-2000 period amounted to nearly u008076 millions, corresponding to 182 RDT projects, selected on a yearly basis. The selection of proposals in response to the calls for proposals was carried out by independent experts. The scientific quality of the research, the relevance to the call and the potential impact for the CFP were considered in priority allowing a certain degree of innovation in the proposals. The main objective of this report is to create a comprehensible classification of the 182 Biological Studies into scientific domains.
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