Summary: The EBA methodology to identify global systemically relevant institutions (G-SIIs) closely follows the approach of the Basel Committee onBanking Supervision (BCBS) for identifying global systemically important banks (G-SIBs, in BCBS terminology). The list of EU G-SIBs identified by the BCBS and the G-SIIs identified by Member States’ authorities are identical. In January 2015 the BCBS published a new data template with minor revisions for the year 2015 identification exercise, based on end-2014 business year data. As a consequence, the RTS on the identification methodology and the ITS on disclosure, which contained a data template have been updated. For practical reasons, the full data template with the detailed specification of the indicator values will now only be incorporated inthe guidelines. The instructions for institutions as how to complete the template will be published on the EBA website.
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