Summary: The Capital Requirements Regulation (‘CRR’) and the Capital Requirements Directive (‘CRD IV’) texts specify the calculation of the leverage ratio, the reporting of which has been applicable from 1 January 2014. In addition to supervisory reporting, Article 451(1) of the CRR requires institutions to disclose information on the leverage ratio. In accordance with point (2)(a) of Article 521(1) of the CRR, disclosure will be applicable from 1 January 2015. To harmonise disclosure, Article 451(2) of the CRR contains a mandate for the EBA to develop draft implementing technical standards (ITS). Against this backdrop, these draft ITS contain a uniform template and instructions for the disclosure of leverage ratio and its components.The European Commission has been empowered to enact a delegated act to change the calculation of the leverage ratio (Article 456(1)(j) of the CRR) before disclosure begins as of 1 January 2015. For this reason, the ITS in general, and the templates and instructions in particular, will be subject to future changes depending on the decisions made in the delegated act. A number of aspects, including the frequency of disclosure, are not included in the mandate given to the EBA. For some of these aspects, the EBA has been given the mandate to provide an evaluation in the impact report that is due by 31 October 2016 (Article 511(3)(h) of the CRR).
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