Summary: "... ratings legislation and practice with respect to audiovisual works across the European Union (“EU”) and European Economic Area (“EEA”) Member States ... The main aims of the assignment are: 1. To identify the economic impact of this ratings heterogeneity, and 2. To uncover any confusion that it may cause, particularly in parents, teachers, or others responsible for minors. ... • define two representative Samples of 50 films each • establish the individual ratings for each film in each territory across each distribution channel • draw conclusions on the impact of ratings heterogeneity on the distribution costs of films, circulation within the internal market, and confusion in the market • provide an overview of existing legislation and practice • examine attempts to harmonise ratings legislation within EU and EEA Member States and the possible need for co-ordination, with special regard to self-regulation. The assessment of the two Samples is to provide a practical illustration of how the different ratings systems affect the distribution of cinematic works across all media channels (cinema, video/DVD, and television) throughout the EU and EEA. The Samples allow different systems to be compared across and within territories. ..."
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