Summary: This ad-hoc evaluation report covers a sample of centralised CARDS assistance from the 2001 to 2006 national programmes.... This report has been prepared by Rambøll Management during the period from May to August 2008 and reflects the situation at 1st August 2008, the cut-off date for the report. The factual basis was provided by the Results Orientated Monitoring reports. Other findings are based on analysis of the Financing Agreements, formal programme documentation and other relevant published material, and interviews with the main parties involved in the programming and implementation of this assistance. The report examines the progress of the programmes towards the objectives stated in the formal programming documents, i.e. Financing Memoranda, Project Fiches, etc. It is intended to provide strategic and operational management information for the Commission Services and beneficiaries. It draws conclusions and puts forward recommendations and provides a judgement on sectoral and sub-sectoral performance.
Physical Description: 80 Seiten p.
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