Summary: This study is a feasibility analysis of a European platform for data and information exchange for the European fruit and vegetable market. The specific tasks of the study are defined in details by the Tender specifications as follows: Task 1 - Legal assessment: compatibility of the platform with European Union law, and national law on competition and data privacy, if relevant. Task 2 - Collection of existing data and methodology: overview on existing data collection and processing mechanisms in at least 3 of the main producing Countries. Task 3 - Technical requirements of the platform: technical requirements for the platform Task 4 - Conclusions and recommendations: feasibility of the platform implementation. Each task has covered a single distinct chapter of the study. A platform model has been elaborated according to the basic characteristics and the objectives indicated by the Tender specifications,and by analysing the functioning of the statistic and information systems of five organisations: one producer organisation (PO), two associations of producer organisations (APOs), and two inter-branch organisations (IBOs) operating in the fruit and vegetable industry of five EU Member States (Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, and Spain). Then, the feasibility and the economic sustainability of the model have been assessed by taking into account technical, legal and financial criteria.
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